Code samples

Learn how to build great apps for Windows by experimenting with our samples. These samples show you how features work and help you jumpstart your own apps. For our latest samples, visit Windows on GitHub.

Universal Windows app samples for Windows 10

Download the Universal Windows app samples for Windows 10, or explore them on GitHub. These samples are designed to run on all devices that support the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and provide API usage patterns for platform features.

Windows game samples

Download and explore samples that demonstrate game programming techniques and technologies. These Windows 8.1 samples will get you started developing games with DirectX, XAML, or HTML5.

Windows 8.1 app samples

Download the Windows 8.1 app samples. These samples are designed to run on Windows 8.1 and/or Windows Phone 8.1, and demonstrate the programming models, features, and components available in Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 app samples

Windows desktop application samples

Download the desktop application code samples for examples of Win32 and .NET development. These samples cover a wide array of areas, ranging from networking to the UPnP framework.

Windows IoT samples

Download code samples to help you get familiar with developing for Windows 10 IoT (Internet of Things) editions. Samples provide example code for a variety of Windows IoT-based devices running both Windows 10 IoT Core and Windows 8.1.

Windows IoT samples

More Microsoft code samples

Microsoft Azure code samples

Interested in development with Azure services?

Office 365 code samples

Interested in integrating Office 365 data and services into your app?

Windows driver code samples

Interested in writing drivers for Windows?

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