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The new, modern browser for all Windows 10 devices that helps users do more on the web.

A new browser for Windows 10

Microsoft Edge (codenamed “Project Spartan”) is the new default browser built for Windows 10. It provides WebNote for native page annotation and sharing capabilities, reading view and reading list support, and Cortana integration that delivers more info and task support throughout the browsing experience.

For web developers, Microsoft Edge brings an all new rendering engine, built to be interoperable with the modern web. Microsoft Edge is a clean break from the past focusing on interoperability with modern web standards and browsers so you can write modern markup once for all browsers. Microsoft Edge and its new engine will be updated as a service with Windows 10, so you be sure that everyone browsing your site or using your web app with Microsoft Edge is always on the same page.

Screen shot of web site with Cortana integration

See what’s new for developers

Microsoft Edge Dev

Our all-new browser has an all-new developer center. See what’s new and improved in the Windows 10 web platform.

Universal Windows web apps

Use your web expertise to build hybrid or native apps that run on the Universal Windows Platform to reach customers across Windows-based devices.

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Microsoft Edge is designed to work the way you do. It’s a browser made for easy sharing, reading, discovery and getting things done online.

Enterprise customers

Resources, free tools, and expert guidance to help you deploy, customize, and maintain Internet Explorer in your mobile and desktop PC environments.

The Microsoft Edge Developer team connects and supports developers with a passion for the modern web through events, awards and a network of talented developers that are always there to lend a hand.

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