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Developing for Windows 10: Interview with Kevin Gallo

Watch Kevin Gallo discuss new features of the Windows 10 development platform such as device families, Windows Bridges, game development, and app monetization.

Getting Started with Windows 10 development

Learn how to install Visual Studio and the Windows 10 SDK. You can begin creating your own universal Windows app today!

Microsoft Edge F12 tools

Microsoft Edge introduces great new improvements to F12 developer tools. Explore new features in the DOM Explorer, Console, Debugger, Network, Performance, Memory, and Emulation tools.

Scaling and effective pixels in UWP apps

Learn how effective pixels helps your Universal Windows Platform app scale to different screen sizes.

Creating Audio Graphs for Universal Windows Apps

Get an overview of how you can use the Windows.Media.Audio namespace to quickly create and use audio graphs in your Universal Windows Apps.

Toast notifications using Windows Bridge for Web Apps

This tutorial covers how to use the Windows Bridge for Web Apps to call native Windows notifications with some basic browser fallbacks for web notifications.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

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Developing Universal Windows apps with HTML and JavaScript Jump Start

If you want to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build rich, native apps on a new and exciting platform, look no further. Get the details from Microsoft experts, complete with demos and a look at design considerations for screens from 4 to 40 inches!

Developing Universal Windows apps with C# and XAML

Learn from Microsoft experts as they build a working app using XAML and C# development tools and techniques that can give you a dramatic advantage as a developer when targeting both Windows and Windows Phone devices for both consumer and enterprise scenarios.

A Developer's Guide to Windows 10

Join experts Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley as they take another look at Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform, give guidance on developing apps for the Universal Windows Platform, and provide details on some of the most interesting new features for developers in Windows 10.

Microsoft Events

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Internet of Things Live Show

Watch a panel of experts @ Build 2015 explain and demo the exciting “Internet of Things” capabilities in Windows 10 and address technical questions from viewers.

Tiles, Notifications, and Action Center

Notifications are one of the primary ways you interact with users on Windows Platforms. This Ignite 2015 session covers both the experience changes of notifications and the scenarios you can build using the notification framework in Windows 10 to make your app more powerful and engaging.

DirectX12 deep dive

It gets technical in a Build 2015 session that goes deep into the new DirectX12 APIs that you can use to express the most cutting-edge 3D graphics possible across the spectrum of Windows devices.

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