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Create Universal Windows apps that run well on all Windows 10-based devices, from mobile devices to PCs and Xbox.

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Get a developer-focused, birds-eye view of the Windows 10 platform.

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Learn how to get the most out of Microsoft Visual Studio, how to integrate specific app features, and how to package, debug, and test your apps.

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Find information about the APIs supported by each type of app.

Windows 10 Start menu displayed in a phone, tablet, and laptop

Universal Windows Platform: Learn the basics

Learn about the Universal Windows Platform, which provides a common API and adaptive UI controls for building apps that run on multiple devices using a single code base.

Developer basics

Get the dev tools

Find in-depth info about the templates, tools, and capabilities that Visual Studio provides.

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Use these code-based tutorials and detailed samples to get started building apps.

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Develop DirectX games

Look no further for code-based walkthroughs, game samples, and how-to's on topics that range from the rendering pipeline to adding in-app purchases.

Port your app

Map the tasks and platform features you’re familiar with to the latest version of Windows with these customized tools and guides.

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Create your first Universal Windows app.

Connect to Microsoft services

Use Microsoft services as the building blocks to connect your apps and games to the cloud.

Windows Phone Silverlight

Build great apps for Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1.

Microsoft Lumia SDK

Phones are uniquely personal. The Lumia SDK offers enhanced experiences for apps running on Lumia phones.