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Sometimes, the best way to learn is to look at an example, so we've created hundreds of Windows Store and Windows Phone Store app samples for you to learn from. You can also download all the official samples at one time by getting the universal Windows app samples pack.

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Online training for building Windows apps

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Building apps for Windows Phone 8.1 jumpstart

Want to design and build Windows apps using XAML and C#? Learn to use the universal templates in Visual Studio to create apps that share much of the same code for Windows Phones, tablets, and PCs.

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Windows Phone 8.1 development for absolute beginners

If you haven't done much coding before, but have a great idea for a phone app, start here. Bob Tabor's 9+ hour series covers developer scenarios to build outstanding Windows Phone 8.1 apps. If you’re completely new to software development, check out Bob's series on C# first.

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Developing universal Windows apps (C#/XAML) jumpstart

Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jerry Nixon, and real world software expert Daren May, President of Crank211, a digital experience company, will teach you how to save time building apps for Phones, tablets, and PCs that share much of the same code base, using universal Windows app projects in Visual Studio.

Take it further

Port an existing app

Do you have iOS or Android experience? These resources will help you get started building Windows Runtime apps.


Get templates, tools, and guidelines for designing great Windows Runtime apps.


Learn more about the tools, adding features to your app, and packaging and testing your app. This section also contains API reference, how-to topics, and samples.

Develop games

Reuse your existing code, take advantage of new form factors and entertainment experiences, and publish your game.

App Studio

Go from idea to Windows Runtime app in record time!

Windows 8.1 feature guide

Interested in what’s new for developers? Learn about the Windows 8.1 API and feature changes.