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WinJS: the Windows Library for JavaScript

WinJS: the Windows Library for JavaScript

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WinJS everywhere

The Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS) project is pleased to announce the general availability of its first release -- WinJS 3.0 -- since the open source project began at //BUILD 2014.

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Bringing WinJS cross-platform

Today the Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS) is taking its first step to becoming cross-platform: it is released under the Apache 2.0 license as an Open Source project by Microsoft Open Technologies.

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Advantages of WinJS

Use WinJS to build first class apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. WinJS provides high quality infrastructure like page controls, promises, and data-binding; polished UI features like virtualizing collections; and high performance Windows controls such as ListView, FlipView, and Semantic Zoom. This is a comprehensive toolkit for you to use with confidence in its performance and polish, whether as a standalone solution or with other frameworks and libraries.

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View and contribute to the source code

Take a look at and contribute to the WinJS source code on GitHub.

WinJS reference documentation

Look up individual APIs that you can use in your Windows web app.

SDK samples

Download the SDKs and use them to build Windows Store apps using WinJS in Visual Studio.

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Learn how to build cool features in your Windows web app with these Quickstart and How To tutorials.

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