Develop universal Windows apps


Coming from iOS or Android?

Map the tasks and platform features you’re familiar with to Windows with these customized tools, guides, and short videos.

Resources for Android devs

Use the API mapping tool to find the Windows Runtime equivalents to Android APIs. Learn how enabling tasks differs between platforms or how to use SQLite or Azure Mobile Services in your Store app.

Resources for iOS devs

Prep your Mac for Store app development and find the Windows Runtime equivalents to iOS APIs. See how UI elements and layouts in Store apps compare to those in iOS, and learn to replicate iOS features in Store apps.

DirectX game development

DirectX game development
Look no further for code-based tutorials, detailed game samples, and how-tos on topics that range from optimizing performance to adding in-app purchases.

See all topics on game programming and design.

Learn more

App architecture

Get acquainted with general concepts related to Windows development, like accessibility and app lifecycle.


Skim our recommendations for designing and coding for your Store apps.

Sample-based guides

These XAML and HTML guides link related how-tos and provide a companion sample app. Using DirectX? See game development walkthroughs.

Partner resources

Explore resources and download SDKs from partner services.

Update your Windows Phone 8 app

If you want to take advantage of new Windows Phone 8.1 features, you can either migrate your Windows Phone 8 app to a Windows Phone Store app or upgrade it to Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1. Not sure which choiceis right for you? What’s next for Windows 8 Phone developers compares the options.

Migrate to Windows Phone Store

Find out which Windows Runtime APIs map to Windows Phone 8 features.

Update to Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1

Follow these steps to upgrade your app and learn how the update affects published apps.

Know the tools

Visual Studio brand

Get the most from Visual Studio

These topics provide in-depth info on the templates, tools, and capabilities Visual Studio provides.