Visual identity for Store apps – Windows app development

Stunning is our standard
Create a beautiful visual identity

Layout and composition

Screen shot of diverse grid layout

You can arrange grids in multiple ways to create a diverse and anchored layout.


Screen shot of app that expresses brand

Windows offers a framework that allows your brand to shine. Explore all the ways to express your brand in this modern framework.


Color band

Express your brand, your personality, and your purpose using color. Let the colors in your app tell your story.


Sample icons

With simplicity and style, icons convey meaning in an instant. Use standard images or adopt your own set of icons to accelerate navigation.


Screen shot of type within an app

Type extends your brand. It conveys hierarchy and organization. Explore the potential of beautiful type.


Screen shot of motion within an app

Motion adds beauty and delight to your app. Discover how to best animate your app.