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Modern design
Elements that set your app apart

Microsoft design principles

Screen shot of an app showing modern design principles
Windows leads in modern design. It embraces the "authentically digital" principle and takes inspiration from the Swiss Style and from wayfinding systems at transportation hubs.
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Design elements

An app showing a live tile

Live tiles

Live tiles provide you with a unique tool to promote engagement with your app: updates sent directly to the Start screen.

Splash screen

Splash screens

It’s the first thing the user sees. A splash screen is an immersive, transient branding element that begins the experience of your app.

Screen shots of semantic zoom used in an app

Semantic zoom

Semantic zoom is more powerful than optical zoom. It lets you quickly pan through content, jump among sections, and reorder navigation.

Screen shot of an app that shows voice


It's important to consider not only what content your users will see in your app, but also the words you use to communicate with them.

Screen shot of Windows Phone elements

Phone elements

The Windows Phone user interface framework provides consistent system objects, events, and interactions that you can use to create beautiful, natural app experiences.

Screen shot of an app with edges displayed


Windows Store apps add edges to your design toolbox. Use them in creative ways to focus on the app scenario and keep chrome from overshadowing content.

Screen shot of an app with charms and contracts displayed

Charms & contracts

These are the glue that binds Windows Store apps together and to the Windows UI. Together they provide a consistent way to perform common tasks like searching and sharing.