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Design templates for PowerPoint

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Templates for Windows Runtime apps

This deck has everything you need to quickly mock up wireframes for Windows Phone Store and Windows Store apps, including controls and layouts.

Windows Phone Store apps

Sketch template

This Word document helps you sketch out your page flows.

Visual assets templates

Templates for designing tiles and icons. Provided in the form of Adobe Photoshop files, .png files, and a .pdf overview.

Templates for older versions of Windows Phone

Designing for an older version of Windows Phone? Check out these templates, tools, and other resources.

See downloads for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7

Windows Store apps

Templates for Adobe Photoshop

Assets for Photoshop include templates, common controls, layouts, and components such as contracts, notifications, and tiles.

Templates for Adobe Illustrator

Assets for Illustrator include templates, layouts, common components, and a comprehensive symbols library of common controls.

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Guidelines PDF

Once you have the templates, learn about the design principles and guidelines for form factors, UI, touch, tiles, notifications, globalization, and more.

Kits, bits, tools, and more

Find additional tools, SDKs, toolkits, and other resources.

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