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Develop DirectX games

Develop DirectX games
Look no further for code-based tutorials, detailed game samples, and how-tos on topics that range from optimizing performance to adding in-app purchases.

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Get the most from Visual Studio

Get in-depth info on the templates, tools, and capabilities Visual Studio provides.

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Port your app

Map the tasks and platform features you’re familiar with to the latest version of Windows with these customized tools and guides.

From Windows Phone Silverlight

Find out which Windows Runtime APIs map to Windows Phone 8 features and how to move your app to the latest Windows Phone platform.

From Windows 8

Get tips for upgrading your app, including using new templates, extending your app to run on new devices, and incorporating the latest platform features.

From Android

Use the API mapping tool to find the Windows Runtime equivalents to Android APIs. Learn how enabling tasks differs between platforms or how to use SQLite or Azure Mobile Services.

From iOS

Prep your Mac for Windows development. See how UI elements and layouts in universal apps compare to those in iOS, and learn to replicate iOS features.

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App architecture

Learn the general concepts related to universal app development.

Start to finish

Use these code-based tutorials and detailed samples to get started building universal apps.

Partner benefits

Explore the benefits of joining the partner program.

Microsoft Lumia SDKs

Get the SDKs to access new sensor hardware in the latest Lumia smartphones and create powerful imaging apps.

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